All Together Now! Mosaic

The All Together Now! Mosaic formed a background for the exciting May 19, 2015 announcement of contract extensions for Osmo Vänskä and the musicians.  The mosaic, which symbolizes the connection of all parts of the Minnesota Orchestra family — Music Director Musicians, Board, Staff, Donors, Audience and Community – was unveiled at a special ceremony on February 20, 2015 and will continue to be displayed at the hall as a reminder of what the Orchestra and community can accomplish All Together Now and in the future.

In his comments at the post-concert celebration, Osmo Vänskä expressed his deep appreciation that “we all are together now” and his hopes that audiences would continue to grow until we sell out every concert:

IMG_1994“For all of you, thanks for coming to listen to us. Thanks for coming to listen to us again! And thanks for coming to listen to us again and again, because we need you!  … The orchestra has prepared things in rehearsals and all of us, every player, we have done our homework….  And then you come and then we can be there together and we can enjoy what great music and great playing, great art!  And that is why we are here.  So I would be happy if we can fill the Hall evening after evening so that it is constantly sold-out. … thank you very much for all you have done and let’s continue together.”


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IMG_2004To find out how the 12-foot-square mosaic was created from over 1,600 separate “thumbnail” sized photos, including those of 1,300 audience members, read an interview with Cy DeCosse, the artist who designed and produced the piece.



Take home your own Mosaic poster, available for $10 at the box office.  Note:  if you found your photo in the large mosaic and are looking for it in the poster image, it may appear in a different place.   See above interview with Cy to find out why.

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