The 15-month-long lockout is over! We are relieved and delighted that the music we all love is finally returning to Orchestra Hall.

We look forward to learning more about how the Musicians and Board will work together going forward and how our newly energized community can be involved in the huge task that lies ahead.

If there is a bright spot in the difficult months we’ve just lived through, it’s been the outpouring of letters, blog posts and messages, showing how deeply people care about the Minnesota Orchestra. Hundreds of people have offered their thoughts and ideas – their commitment to keeping a world-class orchestra in Minnesota and their willingness to help classical music and this 110-year-old institution flourish in the future.

Just as we celebrate Tuesday’s agreement, let us also capitalize on this moment as an unparalleled opportunity: an opportunity to bring new voices and ideas into dialogue with the MOA, an opportunity to develop and execute creative solutions to systemic issues, an opportunity to come together as a broader community to put the Orchestra on a new trajectory for the future.

The orchestra world and the national and international media have been watching us for the past painful 15 months. Now we have an opportunity to demonstrate another kind of “Minnesota Miracle.” Musicians, Board and community have a chance to come together to build an organization that is not only world-class in its artistry but also in its integration with the community and its commitment to recognize and address ongoing financial challenges.

Let’s all get to work – and let’s start by filling Orchestra Hall for the rest of this season! We will be back in touch as we get a sense of how the Minnesota Orchestra wants to engage with the community going forward.

Minnesota’s Moment of Opportunity