The last few days have brought with them great loss, anger and sadness.  With true regret, we have all witnessed the withdrawal of the Minnesota Orchestra from its Carnegie Hall residency, the subsequent resignation of our Maestro, Osmo Vänskä, followed by that of the Director of the Composer’s Institute, Aaron Kernis. These losses are real, for Minnesota, for music lovers, students, businesses large and small, touching our entire community,

While we have experienced a significant ending, it is important to remember that this is not the end. A contract must still be negotiated, musicians must play, and the community must have its orchestra.

Orchestrate Excellence remains committed to the idea that the Twin Cities can, and will support a world-class orchestra as a part of our deeply rooted cultural framework, now and for the years to come. We are ready to work, to contribute to rebuilding a world-class orchestra in this community.

Difficult Days